Proof of SEO Value or Why SEO Isn’t Gonna Die

Inna November 27, 2017

Search engine optimization is one of the main components of inbound marketing. But what does SEO mean? In essence, it represents a set of recommendations for page owners to help the target audience find what are they looking for. Furthermore, SEO increases the quality and quantity of traffic on your website, given competing demands in today's market.

In view of the importance, search optimization should be used by companies to grow their business, and above all, making it easier to find relevant information for the people who are searching for a constructive information. But even during accessibility of information about relevance of SEO, there still some rumors about its futility exist.

Well, today we will be in the role MythBusters and try to explain you the most common SEO myths. At the same time, let's try to figure out where all that myths are from.

SEO is cheating

The first and most obvious myth is that you push your business through the SEO, and it’s unfair to competitors. Do you agree with that? Bad baby!

In fact, there are two types of optimization: black and white hats. While, in the first instance, specialists who promote website use methods include duplicate content, stuffed keywords, doorway pages, link farming and so on, and it’s also easier to gain higher ground for a little while. Of course, in this way, SEO is a scam. But in the second instance, search engine optimizers create useful and unique content, use relevant links and references, make the site more understandable both for users and search engine spiders. So, if you use the white hat techniques, search engines will position your site as a valid and valuable. Definitely, the right methods require far more efforts, but when it does, the results will be sustainable.

Local SEO isn’t work

Do you like Possum? No, I don’t mean an animal, I mean Google Algorithm that have an impact on local finder results. Usually, the problem isn’t that it doesn't work; rather, the problem is that your specialist or you do something wrong. Yes, failure is always an option, but, in this case, you should make sure that Google My Business is configured correctly. And, please, don’t forget about local keywords, social media for local business, links and citations. It’s therefore to remember that search engines are always aiming to show the most relevant information to the searchers to their business location.

Google is viewed negatively by SEO

We're back around to the black and white hats. Google actually loves SEO. Google loves this one enough to write Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. So, where did this rumor come from? Perhaps when people say it, they mean poor optimization - hidden text to the Googlebot, duplicate content, a lot of ads, slow page loading, purchased links and the other black hat SEO techniques. If you implement some of these methods, the chaos will come on your site. I mean,it significantly worsens the search results.

You optimize your site only once

Why should you continue SEO on your site even if you reach to required number? It's really quite simple. There are several reasons for this:

Search optimizations is working on a few lucky occasions

How would you know? Did your friend tell you this, or one of your competitors? This is why we can never have anything nice. Actually, SEO works for all types of company – large and small, multinational and local. Most commonly, the challenges are to do it right.

Firstly, you have to do research. For example, you sell cars, and your customers are middle-aged men with high income. But do you know which keywords they use to search cars? Or if you are absolutely sure that the site navigation is simple and intuitive? Instead of guessing, why not just take advantage of analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Moz, SEMRush that will give you accurate data to come out ahead.

Secondly, you could hire an unprofessional search optimizer. Today it's very easy to get on an incompetent expert who is bad at promoting sites. This employees most likely use outdated methods or black hat techniques for this. You should be more careful when choosing the candidate as not to harm business. Do you know how to do it? Just ask about how will the specialist improve your search engine rankings, in which way he or she will measure the success of SEO campaigns, and so on and so forth. And remember – if you are an owner of website and you have no idea how to apply SEO, don’t try this at home, because this should be done by those whom you call experts.

Link building is dead

Not now, boy, not now. Link building it’s a tricky procedure, but despite the fact that it was recognized dead many times, it has been existed. In order to bust this myth, it is necessary to know how search engine spiders work. Their algorithm is visiting site and crawling HTML code. After that, the spiders seek out links on those sites to discover other pages. In fact, bots use anchor text signals and link authority heavily in their search ranking algorithms. And as always, there are two sides of the link building. The first is to purchase paid links, cloaking and injecting hidden links into a website. If you want Big Boom, I mean, google sanctions onto your site, use it.  The second one lies in creating thoughtful content, promoting your website to relevant people and providing links with other relevant, good quality websites. The disadvantage in this case is only that it takes more time. But as a result, you will have a long-term effect on your traffic. Now go ahead and do your best to your customers.

SEO is dying

After the above, do you still think so? Boy, is it busted! SEO isn’t dead. SEO isn’t even going to die. The only thing that dies in this area is outdated algorithms. There’s a reason for that: search engines aren’t perfect, but they are trying to appear the best of the SERPs. Therefore, it's up to you whether your site is alive or dead.

The rumors about SEO’s death definitely have still existed. The causes thereof are ignorance or lack of understanding how search engines work. All you have to do is to understand what your customers are looking for, and ready to be a little friendlier to SEO. As well as it’s trying to be more human-like. Only then you’re taking superiority over your rivals in SERPs.

Summing up

Bust all the myths! I feel alive again, finally. These are the most popular myths, which are easily refuted by any search engine optimizer. Experience shows that there are certainly a lot of myths are quite absurd and ridiculous. If we tried to get to the bottom each of them, we would write a book. The fundamental problem of these myths is they’re written by people who know absolutely nothing about SEO or what goes into properly optimizing a Website.

Does it make any sense? Nah, nothing like that.

Mostly, search optimization is becoming more important to gain visibility on SERPs. You should always be aware of how to apply it for your own purposes. Well, conclusion is SEO will never die – and it’s a fact.