Inception in IT: How to Get Start Your Career There

Inna December 29, 2017


The world has been overrun by technologies. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find someone whose career isn’t related to Internet technologies. It makes no sense to speak about developers, I think that’s pretty obvious. But what about the others? Designers create mockups that include understandable user interface and user experience, and they’re called UI/UX designers. Marketers have received a prefix “digital-” to their name, and also they began to do their work in a different way. Sales managers know how does their target client look like. Moreover, they don’t only know how to sell, they know how to solve your problems. It goes without saying that any company can’t work without computers and software. Yeah, the world has been changed a little bit, you see.

The main issue is what makes these people similar to each other. The simplest answer is their technical skills or their desire to learn something new, and it’s most likely the right one. But there’s so much more to it than that. So let’s hunt down this question, because it’s a bit more complicated than it seems.

Be proactive

Do you ever feel that you just can't work? I’m not talking about instances in which you could be sick, or have an important reason to haven’t any work. I mean the cases when people make excuses. Poor weather, chatty colleagues, hurricane on the other side of the planet, solar storms - everything are getting in the way of your work. Nevertheless that’re just distractions, and don’t tell me: “But...”. No, please, don’t! Why? Simply because you will always be surrounded by such circumstances, and the one thing you have to know is that you are responsible for what you do. Your efficiency is directly dependent on your choice. So how about that? You can complain about bad weather during the whole day or make a cup of chocolate and carry on working.

Think critically

As rapidly as technologies evolve, you should learn how to use them, and continue to improve yourself. In the world where you can google everything, it’s very easy to find information whatever it is. But how to make sure that the resulting of your search is correct? Right, you should check information. You should call into question everything that is written. Even if you trust this sources. The reason for that is clear - sometimes very clever people make mistakes too. In addition, it’ll take you a lot less time to check the accuracy of information than changing everything that you’ve done wrong. But don’t overdo it, otherwise it’ll look like paranoia. Just remember there are no universal right decision or the real truth.

Really, I’d appreciate it, if you was kind enough to cast doubt on the article that I wrote. Yes, you might google more about critical thinking right away, and then get back to reading the article.

Think Creatively

Another equally important quality of the IT workers is the creative thinking. It may be assumed that creativity is only needed for designers, but don’t confuse this with creative abilities.

Creative thinking is the awareness of how to solve the complex problems with the help of non-standard solutions. Obviously, this solutions must be based on experience and knowledge gained so far rather than on your personal hunch or guessing.

Even if you have a technical documentation and you know what you have to do, in practice it may be impossible.

Again, you shouldn’t use these skills in every change you get, only when you haven’t a clue what’s going on, or no one can help you, or there are no specific patterns suitable for your situation. However, nothing prevents you from developing attitudes of this day by day. I can bet, you’d get a job in IT-industry, if you improved your creative thinking.

Ignore doubt and uncertainty

As you might have understood, work in this field moves on. The world has science and technology that's years ahead. Humanity are getting cleverer, and that’s fine. But very often behind the application of new technologies, there are doubts and uncertainty that you are doing everything right in day-to-day living. Definitely, it’s all right to call into question about something new, but it should never hold you back. Such tasks have to force you to put yourself out there, not the other way around.

All right, you must keep in mind your critical and creative thinking, do you remember that? Not all innovations are doing so well. Therefore, the best option would be if you wait until there are feedbacks and comments about what you want to apply. But if you’re 99% sure that it helps you or absolutely know how it could work, you’ll implement it. Don’t be afraid. Pay attention on every details and risks. Keep going.

Be a team player

The ability to apply something new is important on all aspects of life. But there is something what is much more important for employees - working like a part of team. What is the best way to do this?

Firstly, feel free to ask for help. It’s okay to get some advice about your work or things you don’t really know much. Your colleagues or boss mostly will be glad to help you. Don’t forget that conditions are able to work vice versa, though. I mean, someone may ask you to help so you must get ready to be of any assistance for people that need it. Believe me, in addition to completing tasks you’ll become more close-knit with your team.

Secondly, try to avoid misunderstandings. Work in IT isn’t a place for conflicts or cryptic. Certainly, all people are different and each of employees has its own views on how to resolve the issue whatever it’s. Even if you know the right ways to solve some problems, that’s not a reason for making confrontation with your colleagues. No matter how smart you think you are, because the only way to be right is to find a compromise.

One more thing you ought to understand is the system of values shared by the team. What kind of mission has a company where you work? What help can it gets from you? What can this work gets to offer you, except salary?

Sure, no one can embrace of the cultural company’s properties on their first day at work, even month. But your effectiveness is directly dependent on the answers of these questions. So, what are you waiting for?

Step out of your comfort zone

Everyone wants to create all the conditions to live comfortably, and it’s worth doing. Meanwhile, let’s not forget, a long your time in the comfort zone leads your life into routine. Remember when you were effective: in times of comfort and coziness, or when something went wrong and you tried to do your best? The answer is obvious.

It is clear that there is no need to return to the worst of times. Just wonder what motivates you to be better and what you can do today to be better. You certainly have dreams and plans that you put off for later, haven’t you?

So, why do you need this to work in IT? As mentioned earlier, this industry is developing with each passing hour - new documentations and standards, new ideas and approaches. Technologies, that used to be up-to-date and nice-looking a few years ago, nowadays look out-of-date and above all the outdated technologies haven’t convenient user interface or rates of work as fast as the new ones. In contrast, companies that consider and apply new better methods of work are more competitive and successful than the others. And as we know, the companies consist of people.

Therefore, the conclusion may be that only when you constantly learn something new, overcome difficulties and achieve your goals - you’ll understand who you are and what you are capable of.

Final thoughts

I don’t want to seem prejudiced, however IT rules the world. Even if you don’t want to become a tech or programmer, work in this area will give you opportunities to improve your own abilities. Yes, that’s a difficult path towards improving yourself and it requires a huge effort, but that’s the best thing about being an IT-guy. There’s nothing better than the possibilities to communicate with clever creative colleagues, to enjoy working and to make history here.

I know perfectly, you could handle it, if you feel that your place is here. Well, that’s right, you've already finished reading this article, which means that you are interested in being one of us. So, why do you still have thought that it's your place or not?

Come on guy, in this world nothing is impossible as long as the people evolve. Just google it.